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01. Collaborative Famiy Law

Collaborative Family Law

What is Collaborative Family Law?


Collaborative family law, sometimes called collaborative practice, is an alternative dispute resolution process where you and your partner work together to resolve your legal issues out of court with the help of your own collaborative family lawyers.

You may also need to work with other collaborative professionals, such as a financial specialist or social worker.

Your collaborative professionals work together with you and your partner to help you agree on your issues. They offer a safe space to help you reduce conflict. Usually, you have several meetings with your collaborative professionals before you agree on your issues.


When is Collaborative Family Law right for you?

The sole purpose for Collaborative Practice is to help people reach agreements about matters of importance, such as structuring a family’s future after divorce. Instead of using a third party to dictate an outcome (often at enormous emotional and financial cost), professionals and clients work together in a respectful and participatory manner to learn about each person’s needs and priorities and arrive at an agreement that can be accepted by all. Collaborative Practice is the opposite of sharp or manipulative negotiation.

Ask Yourself; 

1) Do you want to make your own decisions?

2)Do you want to learn how to communicate and work with your partner?

3) Do you want to, or need to, maintain a relationship with your former partner?

4) Do you want to set a good example for your children on how to work well with others?

5) Do you want to control the speed that your file is resolved?


Book a Consultation

If you answered yes to any of these questions, collaborative family law could be the right decision for you and your spouse. Book an appointment so that we can review the options open to you to work through your family law file.

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