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Introducing Diane Staples Law

As a family lawyer, Diane uses her creative strategic thinking, legal expertise and family law experience to present her clients with fair solutions that satisfy the needs of both parties.  Diane’s goal is to help families avoid the emotional trauma that is felt by both sides during a separation. She is level-headed, humane and wise in her handling of delicate family matters and strives to resolve the case in a way that benefits the family as a whole. Diane handles issues such as parenting, finances, division of property, child support, spousal support and other matters pertaining to family law that arise during the negotiation.

Our Business Sectors


Divorce Law

KnowIng your rights will help you to understand the process and reach a conclusion that is fair. We can help you in all divorce and separation issues.  


Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative family law, sometimes called collaborative practice, is an alternative dispute resolution process where you and your partner work together to resolve your legal issues out of court with the help of your own collaborative family lawyers.


Equine Law

If you are current horse owner, or looking to become one, consider booking an appointment so that we can review the options open to you to work through your equine law issue


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