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When is Mediation Law Right for Me?

Mediation Process Explained

Mediation is a fast, effective and an economic method of dispute resolution but it isn’t for everyone. You should consider Mediation if;


  • You are looking for an affordable divorce,

  • If you do not want to draw out your divorce proceedings over a long period,

  • If you want to end your marriage amicably,

  • If you are considering joint parenting,

  • If you want to make your divorce easier on your children,

  • If you want more control over your decisions.


However, mediation may not be the right fit for you if the following is true;


  • You are expecting a long drawn out custody battle,

  • If either of you refuses to show flexibility on your position,

  • If either of you is taking a position based on “principle only”,

  • In some cases of intimate partner violence where the power balance can’t be rectified through other means.


Book a Consultation

If you answered yes to any of these questions, mediation law could be the right decision for you and your spouse. Book an appointment so that we can review the options open to you to work through your family law file.

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